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The Imago Foundation strives to deliver accessible, relevant and fun education to nursery and school aged children while simultaneously tackling issues within sustainable agriculture, land use, and environment. Please select one of our projects to find out more:


Nursery and Primary School


*Please note: As a fledgling charity, these projects are currently taking shape. Our current focus is on raising funds to establish the nursery. If you would like to donate towards this project, you can explore the details of how your donation will be allocated below...

Unleash the Wings of Change with Your Donations

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Be the flutter of hope - your donation can create ripples of change and unleash transformation in Namaso and Zapanga villages, today...


Bag of cement

A Bag of Cement


Will buy 1 bag of cement to build the nursery.

classroom door

Classroom Door


Will buy 1 classroom door for the nursery or primary school.


Nails and Ironmongery


Will buy all nails and ironmongery to build 2 nursery classrooms.

Learning child

Education for a Month


Will pay for 1 child to go to school for a month.



 Will buy all bricks needed to build 1 classroom.

Roofing Sheet

Roofing Sheet


Will buy 1 roofing sheet for a classroom. 

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