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Would you like to join our lovely team? We have a team in Malawi - The Imago Foundation - and we also have a team in the UK -  Imago Malawi.


Get in touch today to see how you can get involved. 

Our Team in Malawi:

Hanna King


Hanna's passion for Malawi began in 2014 when she embarked on a 20-month volunteer teaching experience at Bolera Palms School in Mangochi. This initial trip sparked a long-term commitment, leading to frequent visits over the past nine years and volunteering with various organisations across Malawi, conducting valuable research both in the field and online. Partnering with Martyn, her shared passion led them to identify key areas of need in the country and together they established The Imago Foundation and its UK counterpart, Imago Malawi.

CEO and Co-founder

Martyn King


Martyn's connection to Malawi began in 2016 upon Hanna's return from her travels there. Her stories sparked his own passion for the country, leading him to explore it firsthand during a 3-week holiday in 2019. Extensive research followed, culminating in their move to Malawi together in 2021. This dedication allowed them to conduct in-depth, hands-on research across the country and identify key areas of need. Together, they established The Imago Foundation (Malawi) and its UK counterpart, Imago Malawi.

Deputy CEO and Co-founder

Jones Harawa


Pitter Patter Primary School in Lilongwe benefits greatly from Jones' leadership. Not only is he a founding trustee there, but he also brings his multifaceted background to The Imago Foundation as a founding trustee and chairperson. His diverse experience, including procurement expertise, translates into exceptional performance in both his roles. Jones' dedication extends beyond the classroom walls, as he also manages his own successful agricultural business.


Monica Dzonzi


Monica brings a wealth of experience and dedication to The Imago Foundation as a founding trustee. Her impressive background includes a degree in Human Resource Management, and her passion for social good has led to her involvement in both local and international settings. Notably, she served as a UNICEF youth ambassador in 2014. Monica's commitment continues with her current role at Active Youth Initiative for Social Enhancement (AYISE) and her advisory role in Malawi's 2063 sustainability plan.


Samuel Baluti

samuel & friend_edited.jpg

Our founding trustee team is complete with the addition of Samuel, a highly experienced permaculture expert. He honed his skills at the esteemed Kusamala Institute in Lilongwe. Samuel's passion for permaculture is evident in his current work, as he's actively developing Mkandwe Eco Village in Monkey Bay. This visionary project will ultimately transform into a permaculture training institute, empowering the local community for a sustainable future


Our Team in the UK:

David Marklew

Imago Malawi is fortunate to have David as one of its three trustees. He brings a wealth of experience to the fundraising organisation, having served on the boards of various local and international charities. David is also a dedicated member of the Cannock Rotary Club, and has been for a remarkable 25 years, even serving as its President on four occasions, including this year. His background in business consultancy and compliance provides valuable insights for the organization.

Screenshot 2023-06-23 at 19.01.07.png


Heidi Parkes-Smith

Heidi, leverages her diverse background to support Imago Malawi. With an academic foundation in International Disaster Management & Humanitarian Response, her international experience is extensive, including work in France, studies in India, and online English language instruction. Notably, her year-long teaching experience in Malawi provided her with a deep understanding of the local educational, nutritional and cultural landscape.

Heidi pic.jpg


Charlotte Applegarth

Charlotte brings a wealth of educational expertise as a founding trustee. Her 15-year career spans the UK and Saudi Arabia, demonstrating a commitment to diverse learning environments. Her compassion fuels her work as a Disability Champion and allows her to understand the unique needs of children and families, ensuring they are supported and empowered within the educational system. Her academic foundation includes a BA (Hons) in Childhood and Youth Studies, further solidifying her qualifications. 

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